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Meet The Ministers
Evangelistic Choir

Elected Officers - Evangelistic Choir


Deacon Jacques O. Smith, Sr.



Donna Green-Stanton


Recording Secretary

Ronnie Harrel-Cole


Financial Secretary

Betty Jo Bell



Deaconess Cynthia Clark


Program Chairperson

Delores Dunlop






Deacon Derrick W. Gadson


Robe Chairperson

Genevia Brown


Sunshine Chairperson




Shirley Taylor

During the cold wintry days, twenty young people with a desire to sing God praises met with the newly installed Rev. E. Theophilus Caviness to request to become a choir. The Rev. Caviness outlined the criteria, financial obligations, the total commitment, and the many responsibilities of becoming an organization in a church environment. The group accepted the challenge, and moved forward to make their dream become a reality. The struggle was not easy; however, allowing God to lead, these young people, became the Young Adult, choir making their debut on the Third Sunday in March, 1963.

The Armed Services called our Director, Finley Lanier to serve his country in 1966, but the Choir continued its commitment to sing the praises of God. With the capable assistance of the Robert Barkley, Pemberton Steele, Beatrice Frost, all deceased, the choir continued its endeavor to serve God through song. 

In 1968, with the return of our director, the choir began traveling through the City of Cleveland and Vicinity, as well as, many other cities and states where former members who had become Ministers desired our presence. Our Song Ministry found us evangelizing through song at Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens Facilities, Hospitals, Children Homes, and Correctional Facilities. 

As the Choir grew in size, age, as well as, spiritually, it became necessary to change its name. It was very ap­propriately changed to The Evangelistic Choir. We are very proud that seven Ministers were born out of our aggregation, namely the Reverends: Melvin Jones, Frank Franklin, (deceased), Winchell Moore, William War­ren, Fatress Hariston (Deceased), Gregory Thomas, and Patrick Lee. Robinson. 

As the Church grew, so did the choir as the church made improvements, the Evangelistic Choir stepped-up to do its part. We have contributed generously to all phases of the growth of the Church. We have purchased a stained glassed window, a piano for the Multi-Purpose Room, contributed towards the purchasing of the glassed double doors in the phase II Project, aided in the purchasing of a new boiler for the church, and many other financial contributions as requested. We have also robed our 7 times. 

It has been over 50 years of serving God through Song, our members have advanced to Deacons, Deaconess, and Mission President. Truly god has brought us a long way, blessing us, keeping us, teaching us to be his vehicles to spread the Word through Song.

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